A24 Zine: Frenemies

Guest edited by filmmaker Halina Reijn for the release of her film Bodies Bodies Bodies, this zine celebrates the friendships we love, as well as those we love to hate. It features some pretty toxic group chats, games you should definitely not play, pretty feisty TikToks, photography from Mayan Toledano, Larry Sultan, Sandy Kim, Cameron McCool, and some quotes by Nietzsche, for extra drama. As the director’s letter beautifully states: “Groups are scary and seductive at the same time. Cults, communes, conspiracy theorists, friend groups, families, theater troupes, political parties, sports teams, Game of Thrones fans, religious movements, herds, flocks, tribes, or just a collection of humans in a confined space.”
Many of us tend to think of ourselves as aliens and imposters, trying to fit in and belong (or trying to run away). This zine looks at friend groups in all their spite and tenderness, in the spaces where these dynamics play out most intensely: at parties, online, sitting in a friend’s bedroom late on a Friday night. In an instant, you are in and then out, laughing and then crying, predator and then prey. 

Client: A24 Films
Edited by Halina Reijn
Head of Publishing: Perrin Drumm
Creative Director: Zoe Beyer
Producers: Kyra Goldstein, Krista Freibaum, Shayan Saalabi
Graphic Design: Shira Inbar

Photography: Mayan Toledano, Larry Sultan, Sandy Kim, Cameron McCool

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