A24 Zine: American Hu$tlers

American Hu$tlers was edited by filmmaker Sean Baker for the launch of his film Red Rocket. As Baker wrote in the intro: “there is a long tradition of "hustlers" in American cinema—Midnight Cowboy, Panic in Needle Park, Mean Streets. These hustlers are really just a reflection of the rest of us. It’s human nature to always be leveling up, or at least trying to level up. And there’s a certain American ingenuity to the ways people think they can do it.”
Composed of only ads, the zine is a homage to all of those American hustlers—from the sex workers to the 1-800 psychics to the savant counterfeiters to the multi-level marketing believers. Some of the ads are real, and others are fake (but based on real hustlers). See if you can spot the cons, or just let the naked ambition wash over you. 

Client: A24 Films
Head of Publishing: Perrin Drumm
Creative Director: Zoe Beyer
Writing: Margaret Rhodes
Production: Kyra Goldstein, Krista Freibaum
Graphic Design: Shira Inbar

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