Hip-Hop Turns 50

How to encompass half a century of hip-hop? You start by acknowledging you can’t. Too many stars, too many songs, too many places, too many scandals: Hip-hop is an entire universe, a musical genre, sure, but also an attitude, a language, a business, a culture, and the thing about a universe is that it has no bounds. This epic project by LA Times celebrates the 50 greatest moments in hip-hop history 50 years after it was born, not just to celebrate what it was, but also what it continues to be.
Had an absolute blast working on this package with the brilliant LA Times design team to design and illustrate the jam-packed energy of this wonderfully dynamic and thrilling landscape. The fact that hip-hop is so impossible to grasp and frame is precisely what inspired us.
Design director: Taylor Le
Art director: Faith Stafford
Artwork: Shira Inbar
Published in LA Times

“Fifty years ago, hip-hop was born in a modest recording room in the Bronx.
Now its home is the world.”

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