Vote Now!

In the months leading up to the midterm elections in 2018 I tasked myself to make a short video every day to encourage my community to register to vote, and then to vote. I was motivated to start this project after hearing one too many stories about being registered in distant home town, having a crazy deadline, lines in the poll being too long, and about having bureaucratic anxiety.
Because I could relate to many of these stories, I wanted to find a way in which I could (not so) subtly ask my community to re-prioritize and to recognize the right and responsibility of voting. By dedicating 5-10 minutes a day to this simple, repeating message, I hoped to also re-prioritize my own practice and dedicate my time and thoughts to this effort.

In addition to making the daily animations, I built a site to host them as well as a collection of links to register to vote, address changes, checking voting statues, important dates, and more.
Elements in the site’s design move with the reader’s gestures and navigation, to emphasize that their movements have effects and outcomes.

Readymag, the platform on which the site is built, featured mobile design right here.

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