LA Phil, GlassSkates

A Philip Glass-inspired roller-skating party at Moonlight Rollerway in Los Angeles. A West Coast tribute to Philip Glass’ birthday, which was traditionally thrown at an ice-skating rink in NYC, the party (and the poster) are inspired by Glass’ work from the early 1980s along with the 1980s neon vibes of the roller rink.
The poster draws a view of a rippling surface centered around an abstracted skating rink. The title appears in the form of connective lines and trails signaling movement and tracing transition. Through this composition, and its full spectrum of colors, we hoped to reference the rhythmic processes, development through repetition, and the inherently non-minimalist minimalism that’s characteristic of Glass’s musical work.
To enhance the sense of intensityand viberation, in the printing process we replaced the magenta channel with a bright neon pink. The type around the main title is Sélavy, designed by Nina Stössinger for Paul Soulellis and his project Library of the Printed Web. As described by its designers, this is a dotted typeface loosely based on the 13 punched-out caps on Marcel Duchamp’s 1934 Green Box.
Producer: Julia Ward
Artwork and lettering: Shira Inbar
Client: LA Phil Printed at Typecraft in Pasadena, CA

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